For those who feel as I do in a day like today…

By Gina Bribany

It seems that something is moving, we’re not sure what it was, but the way we experience things changed. It changed how we feel, what we see and do not really know why. There are things that lost value and there are things that never have it, it’s just that we hardly noticed it.

We want to do something but do not know what; something different, true, unique, is the desire of the drive and internal inspiration. But on the other side of things where lies our shadow, maybe these days it all comes together; The foolishness of people and ideological violence, climates not correspond, time seems to fly …. And I am here wanting to do so without knowing where to start … ..
Start from the inside, that I always tell others and say it to myself; because that’s where the real change comes. Do not waste time blaming the world and those around us, there is nothing wrong with them. The folly is ours. The triumph of the people of today is the result of each individual consciousness awakening; and failure; each sleeping consciousness. Sleep can not awake if we do not recognize that we are dreaming.

I think I have awakened from sleep but the tontine is big. What moved was my understanding, like when you run into the same stone several times until one day you say, “I accept my present and cultivate my future with every thought and every emotion, in the light of the holy spirit.”

This coming year it is not to build new structures outside of us anymore. Is time to develop our internal coherence rediscovering our real self.

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