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The Hero Syndrome In The Workplace

By Gina Bribany Being a hero has intrinsic positive connotations. Heroes are loved, wanted, admired, recognized and kept in high importance. Then, what makes it a syndrome? There is a difference between becoming a hero by accident or as a side effect of your dedication and becoming a hero because you believe that you are a hero, or you are looking to be one. The hero syndrome, also known as hero complex, describes individuals that are constantly seeking to be […]

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By Gina Bribany Our survival mechanisms could play us a dirty game when we are not paying attention to our behaviors, but more importantly to the beliefs behind those behaviors. Here are two errors you want to correct to preserve or increase your happiness. Do not suppress your emotions Some people misunderstand emotional Intelligence as suppressing their emotions. Especially under traumatic or very stressful circumstances, some people tend to numb themselves to not feel the emotional pain. What they do […]

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La Madre Naturaleza está hablando.

¿Qué queremos escuchar? Algunos creen que está llegando el final del mundo, otros lo asocian todo al sobrecalentamiento  global, pero pocos se detienen a pensar en nuestra reacción inmediata. Estas situaciones que no podemos controlar y que ponen nuestra vida en riesgo y la de aquellos que queremos, nos invitan a pensar en el verdadero sentido de nuestra existencia, ¿para qué estamos aquí en este planeta? Impotencia, tristeza, perdida y al mismo tiempo recogimiento, compasión, empatía, las dos caras de […]

Three Things You Should Know If You Want To Change Something Once And Forever

It is not a secret that change is considered a threat for human beings. We do not like to change because it takes us out of our comfort zones. However, we always have things that we would like to change, starting by changing others, as this were a possible thing to do. If you really want something to change, here is what you need to know: 1. You need to identify what the real issue is For example, it is […]

For those who feel as I do in a day like today…

By Gina Bribany It seems that something is moving, we’re not sure what it was, but the way we experience things changed. It changed how we feel, what we see and do not really know why. There are things that lost value and there are things that never have it, it’s just that we hardly noticed it. We want to do something but do not know what; something different, true, unique, is the desire of the drive and internal inspiration. […]

Addictive to Emotions?

Por Gina Bribany. It is no secret the importance of emotions in our lives. Although we can not see the feelings we experience, they exist and can sometimes feel so strongly that can overwhelm us. Have you ever think that you are the creator of those emotions? We learned to identify the emotions we feel, so we can name them as sadness, joy, anger, peace, etc. However, there are not talked that we can choose the emotions we experience; We […]

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