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By Gina Bribany 3 things that could determine if you are really assertive. Being assertive is a skill that many people attributes to themselves without knowing the full qualities of real assertiveness. Here are three aspects that could determine if you are really mastering this skill. Are you aggressive? Many people confuse assertiveness with speaking what they think or feel without hesitation or fear. However, being honest does not imply taking the care and kindness part out of the equation. […]

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MEDITATION PRACTICE AND ITS HEALTHY BENEFITS Latest scientific studies shows that meditation produces positive changes in consciousness in cognitive ability and stress levels. Although meditation intellectually has been commonly associated only with physical and mental relaxation. A new study by the Harvard Medical School and researcher Sara Lazar MGH research program of Neuro-Psychiatric image showing that meditation promotes psychological and cognitive benefits that continue throughout the day. This study shows that meditation produces changes in brain structure and not simply […]

Qué es la Empatía Cuántica?

Forma parte del Grupo de Empatía Cuántica!

Comparte tus sueños  y objetivos con otros y genera empatía para manifestarlos. Describe: Cual es tu Sueño, Cuando planeas lograrlo y que necesitas para lograrlo. Recibe la empatía del grupo, con ideas, contactos y mucho más

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