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Success and happiness we want requires consciousness, determination, inspiration and and actions. The process of  Life Coaching allow you to work on personal life projects or specific business projects, health, personal relationships or professional growth; Examining the starting point and blockages that may be interfering with the realization of these dreams.

Through the process of Coaching we focus on developing awareness skills to unlock your potential, reconnecting  self-confidence and the true self, so that you manage to achieve your goals and life plan, unlishing your own power and inner potential.

The coaching process includes:

  • Sessions identification, determining the starting point and the goals to achieve. 
  • Identification of road blocks and / or challenges
  • Preparing for transformation
  • Strategic planning and courses of action to achieve your goals
  • Motivational support
  • Process integration (aligning body, mind and spirit)
  • Discovering new skills and developing the internal potential
  • Follow ups

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