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20141115_100826Gina Bribany is an inspirational speaker. She has been teaching Quantum Empathy, Emotional Intelligence and self-development for the last 12 years. She is also author of the best-selling book Quantum Empathy The Path To Creating Deep Happiness and Success, and her new book The Fourth Brain a Different way Of Living.

My passion is to inspire and equip people with the knowledge to transcend their limiting beliefs and emotions to reach their dreams and high potential. I speak primarily on Quantum Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, and personal growth. I adapt this topics based on group needs in English and Spanish

I believe a speaker must be a dynamic facilitator, one that engages the senses, challenges the mind, and spark the heart.

Quantum Empathy

Transform your life !
Quantum Empathy is the simple system that helps people restore the natural stage of happiness in the brain, to heal and achieve success.  By combining practical training in emotional management best practices with a simple system of Quantum Empathy, every person can eliminate obstacles and  limitations. No matter how busy or good you are at this topics. Quantum Empathy will bring you self-awareness, healing, and equip you to bring your best to life each day.

This presentation is available in a four hour workshop or in a one hour conference.

Original Intelligence

Go beyond emotional intelligence. With Gina’s new Original Intelligence model you will learn a new set of paradigms that will bring self-management and will strengthen your relationships your health and wellbeing.

The Original Intelligence is available in a three hour workshop or in a one hour conference.

What is Gina’s fee?

Gina’s fee depends on a couple of things It’s best to speak with her directly so she can accurately give you a price for your specific event and place.


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