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By Gina Bribany Our survival mechanisms could play us a dirty game when we are not paying attention to our behaviors, but more importantly to the beliefs behind those behaviors. Here are two errors you want to correct to preserve or increase your happiness. Do not suppress your emotions Some people misunderstand emotional Intelligence as suppressing their emotions. Especially under traumatic or very stressful circumstances, some people tend to numb themselves to not feel the emotional pain. What they do […]

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Addictive to Emotions?

Por Gina Bribany. It is no secret the importance of emotions in our lives. Although we can not see the feelings we experience, they exist and can sometimes feel so strongly that can overwhelm us. Have you ever think that you are the creator of those emotions? We learned to identify the emotions we feel, so we can name them as sadness, joy, anger, peace, etc. However, there are not talked that we can choose the emotions we experience; We […]

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