Addictive to Emotions?

Por Gina Bribany.
It is no secret the importance of emotions in our lives. Although we can not see the feelings we experience, they exist and can sometimes feel so strongly that can overwhelm us.
Have you ever think that you are the creator of those emotions? We learned to identify the emotions we feel, so we can name them as sadness, joy, anger, peace, etc. However, there are not talked that we can choose the emotions we experience; We grow up with the idea that when something is felt that emotion came to us by chance of fate and we can not do anything, just feel.
Nothing could be farther from reality. The new science studies show that in our brain there is a part called the hypothalamus, which manufactures chemicals for each of the emotions we experience, so that our cells responses they even become addicted to certain emotions and excitement when the you’re addicted is not presented itself, attracting the recreated situations or even remembering images of past events that connect us with the desired emotion.
Although this happens unconsciously, we have the power to change it. If you give the task of living consciously and several times a day to ask what is the emotion that accompanies you, you’ll go identifying the emotional tendencies under which you move. When you identify a negative emotion, you can begin to remember things and joyful moments, things that make you laugh, you can even use your imagination to recreate positive moments and this will help to go changing the chemistry of your body.
The emotions we experience are also a reflection of our attitudes. This is clearly seen in psychology, when we assume a certain role, such as the role of victim, for example, some will always take the role of the aggressor; when we assume the role of mother, there will always be someone to behave like son, etc.
Long ago I read a story about this. It was an old woman who was walking with many packages in both hands and headed home, but in its wake two malicious men who easily would take advantage of the  poor woman, stealing their belongings at the slightest opportunity. However, the old woman saw them, instead of assuming the position of victim and watch with rejection, he began to speak lovingly and said how lucky I am, guys give me a hand; These packages are very heavy. These men, accustomed to being feared and seen as perpetrators, reacted puzzled by the friendly invitation of the elderly and helped with the packages, without taking advantage of it at all; they accompanied him to the door of his house and then withdrew, to which she thanked with a smile on his face.
The role that we assume in every situation of our life presents us with a map; assuming a role we raised an expectation and that is how we fulfill the expectations of others and they ours. There is no victim without offender or winner without  loser, nor loved without her beloved. This is another of our many ways to create our reality.
Then begin to wonder what role you are taking in each situation and find the reason why others act as they do.
We are not victims, we are creators of our own reality.