Latest scientific studies shows that meditation produces positive changes in consciousness in cognitive ability and stress levels.
Although meditation intellectually has been commonly associated only with physical and mental relaxation. A new study by the Harvard Medical School and researcher Sara Lazar MGH research program of Neuro-Psychiatric image showing that meditation promotes psychological and cognitive benefits that continue throughout the day.
This study shows that meditation produces changes in brain structure and not simply makes people feel good because they’re investing time in yourself.
Magnetic resonance images were taken in 16 participants two weeks before and after participation in the program called: Deep De Stress Reduction Program.
In this study the weekly meetings and meditation exercises practicing the awakening of consciousness, emotions and mind omitting judgments were accompanied with audio guided meditations. The most interesting is that MRIs to individuals who did not participate in meditation practices to compare the results were taken.
After eight weeks those who had practiced meditation showed a significant increase in the density of gray matter in the hippocampus which is known to be important for learning and memory and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection. Participants also showed reduced levels of stress and anxiety.
Scientists say that with longer than eight weeks practice could potentially observe changes in other brain areas such as the insula which is responsible for interpreting emotions.
The results of this research show that we can achieve changes in our consciousness and our physical and emotional well-being, but what if we take it even further and explore its scope at the quantum level?
Meditation under the premises of Quantum Empathy allows us to connect with other people and objects through our awareness and empathic display with a specific goal manifesting not only our physical and emotional, but material welfare.
On the other hand, practicing collective meditations with a group of people for a specific cause will generate the same effect but amplified, producing positive results in others and creating the society around us and the world we want. This is also confirmed in experiments with readers of energy located around the world with which the vibration of the earth is measured when people make collective meditations around the world.