gina`s bio

Gina Bribany holds a Master’s degree in Management and Team Management and a Diploma in expertise in Coaching and NLP from ENEB University in Barcelona, Spain. Gina received a bachelor’s degree in Social Communications from the Autonoma University in Cali, Colombia, and has a coaching certificate in Social and Emotional Intelligence from the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence (ISEI) in the USA. She is a Reiki Master and author of the book, Quantum Empathy the pathway to Creating Deep Happiness and Success. Gina is Senior Director of leadership Development and Coaching at Step Up For Students (SUFS), a non-profit organization that annually distributes over $700,000,000 in scholarships to low-income and special needs K-12 students in Florida. Gina conducts workshops where she teaches and coaches how to continually improve emotional freedom while strengthening our life purpose. Gina Bribany is an inspirational coach, writer, and speaker, appearing in different Hispanic newspapers, magazines, and radio stations throughout the United States. Since Gina was a child, she has experienced an extrasensory perception that has helped her to develop a more holistic vision of the world. That is why she dedicates to helping others to achieve auto-realization and well-being through Emotional Intelligence and other techniques she coach.