Bioneuroemotion® (BNE) is a new method that has integrated different scientific, philosophical, and humanist disciplines to help you understand the origin of a symptom and the emotional conflicts behind it to improve your wellbeing.

It originates from Spain and was founded by Enric Corbera The method has gained popularity worldwide and is now being taught in various universities and medical schools in Latin America. It disassociates itself from the field of physical health and relates to wellbeing, as a more generic and holistic concept.

It is an effective method that requires very little time to really get to the emotional root cause of an issue or physical symptom, helping to bring unconscious information to awareness and fostering a change in perception.

Bioneuroemotion is a unique way of perceiving life. It promotes emotional adulthood, encouraging people to take full responsibility for their actions, empowering them to step out of victimhood by making coherent choices. 


Bioneuroemotion helps you find the emotional root of your physical condition. This, in turn, can help alleviate or disappear your symptoms, assist your medical treatment, and have a positive effect on your overall wellbeing.

How recurring emotional conflict that creates stress is approached?

Bioneuroemotion will help you understand what a certain situation is happening to you for. Consequently, breaking old habits to become more emotionally coherent in the behaviors and decisions you make.

How it Works 

I will assist you in person or over Skype/ Zoom to help uncover the potential story and believes that lies hidden in your unconscious mind and is reflected in your physical symptoms or behavior. As you become aware of it, it will lose its power and you will be able to experience a positive cognitive and emotional transformation. Gina Bribany has years of experience and training on this as well as other methods that will help you find your path to emotional balance and wellbeing.

What it is not 

Is not a therapy

BNE practitioner is not a therapist and does not treat patients. Gina accompanies and coaches people who come to her to achieve emotional awareness and wellbeing.