Speaking is something that I love to do. More importantly,
though, hiring the right speaker can literally make or break your event.


Understanding Emotional Intelligence (Basic) Conference

Provide a basic understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is and how it could contribute to your overall success and wellbeing.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence (Advance) Conference

Provide a deeper understanding of the Emotional Intelligence for those who are already familiarized with the EQ terminology and want a more practical approach to action.

Quantum Empathy – Conference

A progressive approach to empathy from a quantum physic standpoint revealing new connections and a more holistic understanding of our connection to the whole world.

The Fourth Brain a Different Way of Living – Conference

Discover your fourth brain and the science behind that. Inspired from the book, The Fourth Brain a Different Way of Living Beyond Emotional Intelligence.

Original Intelligence Model – Conference

Learn a revolutionary model of Intelligence that help you live a more balanced and consistent life discovering what the fourth brain can do for you. Get practical exercises to activate this intelligence.

Diversity and Inclusion from an Emotional Intelligence perspective- Conference

Learn how to create Diversity and Inclusion boldly with emotional Intelligence and phycological safety.

Authentic Empathy – Conference

Acquire a deeper understanding of the empathy skills and how to express empathy authentically.

How to Become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader - Conference

Based on research, most successful leaders around the world share a common thing, having emotional intelligence. Lear how to develop your emotional Intelligence skills as a leader.


Emotional Intelligence Step by Step Program (10 weeks, 1 ½ hours once a week)

A transformational program designed to develop your Emotional Intelligence skills with practical tools, exercises, and deep reflections about root causes instead of cosmetic changes.

Quantum Empathy – Workshop

A Four-hour workshop to understand how quantum empathy works putting its principles into practice to identify obstacles to your success and goals and to create a pathway to your overall fulfillment.

The Fourth Brain a Different Way of Living and the Original Intelligence Model - Workshop

Learn the five practices that will activate your fourth brain and embrace a more balanced way of living. Learn a unique approach to life and practice the original Intelligence model to find meaning and fulfillment in your life.

Authentic Empathy – Workshop

Acquire a deeper understanding and experience the empathy clues of connection in a practical and transformational workshop.

Teamwork and trust building – Workshop

Stablish a healthy based line for your team with trust principles and a bravely leadership practices customized to your team.